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Search Engines - Searching for Canadian content on the Internet is made easy with this website. Lycos - Another excellent website for finding information on the Internet. Dog Pile - An excellent search tool that simultaneously searches all the search engines.
Excite - Another good search engine for locating information on the Internet. My Way: No Banners - No Popups HotBot - Search smarter using this search which is excellent for finding specific information.

The 6 BEST Search Engines for Academic Research

A list of some of the best academic search engines that will help you get the research material you want quickly and easily, and without compromising on quality


Top 11 Trusted (And Free) Search Engines For Scientific and Academic Research

This article will focus on some popular academic search engines that have revolutionized the way information is researched by the students and includes links to each engine.

Cue for Treason


Mr. Craig's Cue for Treason assignment Last Updated October 2011.

Part A: Use the link to the map of England. Click on the map to magnify. Map of Tudor England

Part D: The Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe
The Old Globe Theatre(History)

Part E: Notes and Expository Paragraphs

The Life And Times of Queen Elizabeth 1533- 1603

This site includes an article on The Armada

Tudor History Links

This site includes articles on fashion, religion, language, food, etc.

A WebQuest for 9th Grade English I, Level Two Class Project site

Alternative Web Quests:

The Tudor Cyberhunt

Tudor Artist's Apprentice

The Lives of Rich Tudors

Life as a Tudor




A - The "Hut" B - The Heavens C - Top stage D - Upper stage
E - Window stages F - Inner stage G - "Traps" to "Hell" H - "Lord's rooms"
J - Starage lofts K - Dressing rooms L - Backstage area M - Main entrances
N - Doorway O - Entrances    


Elizabethan Times

Elizabethan England Women’s Fashions

Poverty in Elizabethan Times

The Elizabethan Age
Elizabethan Times
Elizabethan foods
School Life in Elizabethan England
Fashion in Elizabethan Times
Weddings in Elizabethan England
Life in Elizabethan Times
Shakespeare's Life and Times(Elizabethan England)

Gambling in Elizabethan England