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Coop Special Education Student Success Guidance
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Special Education
Student Success


Special Education Department

Mrs. L. Aquino, Department Head
705.647.7336 ext 40761

Mission Statement

The TDSS Special Education Department is committed to providing the best possible learning outcomes for students who learn differently than most. We will do this by working with students, parents, classroom teachers and administration to focus on and use each student's strengths to their advantage.

Special Education Resource Teacher
L. Aquino
Student Success Teachers
J. Maga
J. Zubyck
M. Graham
M. Inglis
Transitional Learning Community (TLC) Program Teachers
D. O'Donnell D. Warring
G. Lockhart J. Francoeur
N. Cambridge V. Montminy
Portage Program Teacher
C. Bolger


Educational Assistants    
Secondary Elementary
L. Anyan
K. Jurino
J. Gabriel
F. Hearn
J. Jacques
B. Lacarte
D. Martel
D. Muir
K. St. Cyr
B. Tuinema
S. Vinette
J. Ziller
C. Brazeau


TDSS Special Education/Student Success Information

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The Seven Steps of the Special Education Process

Learning/Studying TipsMyths and Fallacies About Special Education

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