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Coop Special Education Student Success Guidance
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Cooperative Education

Co-operative education courses provide students with the opportunity to apply skills learned in school to learning situations in the world of work. A student receives one Co-op credit for every 110 hours of scheduled, on-the-job training directly related to a subject offered at T.D.S.S. All students work from Monday to Friday for either a ½ day (2 credits) or a full day (4 credits) for the length of the semester. Students attend pre-placement orientation (safety, resume, cover letter, employability skills, etc) for the first 8 days of the semester and return throughout the semester for 5 integration (sharing) days. Students complete assignments during these sessions and are also responsible for completing weekly written logs and a major Co-op showcase assignment.

Log Sheets

Coop Application Form-15 pdf
Coop Journal Questions pdf format
Coop Log Form, Word format(weekday)
Coop Log Form, Word format(weekend)
Multi-placement Log Form, RTF format
Multi-placement Log Form, Word format
Two-page coop log, for written logs only, PDF format
Coop Log Form and Journal Page, WordPerfect form
Coop Log Form for Wordpad

Mr. Labonte at

Take a copy to your placement, have your supervisor sign it and keep until your monitor visits.